About Kathryn

I am a Hampshire based photographer dabbling in all sorts of areas of the field. I enjoy everything from Nature Photography to Wedding Photography not forgetting Urban Exploration and Animals in between!

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember – but only in more recent years have I started to delve into photography on a more serious level.

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In addition to my Photography being used in several publications through newspapers such as The Andover Advertiser and Isle of Wight County Press, I have also written articles myself on a freelance basis for various topics including local events. Some of my commercial photography has appeared in magazines such as Woodturning and has also been used for corporate brochures and banners.

The Kit

I shoot most of the images you’ve seen here with one of two Sony D-SLR’s. I started out with a trusty A200 and moved on to an A550 which is just as trusty if not a little trustier! I use both cameras for events such as Weddings and journalistic occasions in order to capture the best images possible. I am also known to shoot sunsets with a rather fantastic Sony Cyber shot. I use a variety of lens on my SLR’s and process all my images myself.