Repatriation – Royal Wootton Bassett

Starting in April 2007 and ceasing in September 2011, the bodies of deceased servicemen and women of the British Armed Forces were repatriated to RAF Lyneham in Wotton Bassett. Nobody ever arrived home to an empty street. Current and retired servicemen and women lined the streets along with civilians including the family and friends of the service person in order to pay their respects. The events were incredibly poignant. However in September ’11 the repatriation location moved to RAF Brize Norton meaning that Wootton Bassett no longer welcomed home men and woman to the so-called Highway of Heroes. I was privileged to attend some of the repatriations and stand amongst many paying their respects. The turnouts were amazing – and if any moment can make you feel proud to be British, that was one of them.

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